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Newsletter in English

[25.02.2020] Events from March to mid-April
- Exhibition opening: Pictures by Peter Liebl
- Chamber Concert: Accosphere
- Sustainable leadership with Christian values
- Alena Hönigová: Music for keyboard instruments
- Bavarian Brass: Concert on Easter Monday
Cloister and upper cloister hallway
Pictures by Peter Liebl
SUN | 01.03.20 | 1400 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
On Sunday, March 1st, 1400 hrs., an exhibition with pictures by Peter Liebl will open in the Speinshart Monastery. The director of the Albertus Magnus Academic Forum in Regensburg, Prof. Dr. Sigmund Bonk will present life and work of the artist.
>>> Free entry
Duo Accosphere
Fairytale Musical Setting 
SUN |15.03.20 |1`600 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
The two accordionists, Alena Budziňáková (Slovakia) and Grzegorz Palus (Poland), put their skills to the test as duo Accosphere with fairytale settings by Maurice Ravel, Václav Trojan, Edvard Grieg and Peter Tschaikowski.
>>> Place cards required. Reservation at 09645/601 93 601 or - donations at the exit
Sustainable Leadership with Christian Values
10th Congress: Theme is Mercy
FRI | 27.03.20 | 1430 hrs. | Monastery Church 
How can mercy be lived in everyday professional life? How does the attitude of mercy affect clarity, consistency, straightforwardness, predictability in entrepreneurial activity?
>>> Participation Fee: 65, - EUR | Members: 55, - EUR | Students with ID 30, - EUR
>>> Registration via
Alena Hönigová (CZ)
Music for Keyboard Instruments
SUN | 05.04.20 | 1600 hrs. | MUSIC ROOM
Music by J.L. Dussek, W.A. Mozart, J.W. Tomaschek, J.J. Rösler and J.W.H. Worzischek with a story about the great musical enthusiasm that W.A. Mozart sparked in the Czech countries when he visited Prague.
>>> Place cards required. Reservation at 09645/601 93 601 or - donations at the exit
Bavarian Brass
Concert on Easter Monday
MON | 13.04.20 | 1600 hrs. | Monastery Church 
 The Speinshart monastery church provides the festive setting for the annual appearance of 'Bavarian Brass'. The sound mix is ​​the ensemble's secret of success: trumpets and timpani, organ and marimba.
>>> Free entry. Donations at the exit. No reservations possible

(Translated by James P. Federline)